How to have a hygge snow day


I really believe that living in Ireland is such a paradox. for such a bitterly cold country we never get snow! In 2010 there was FINALLY a huge snow that gripped the country and threw everybody back into the dark ages. All the christmas fanatics that every december would begin to crave a “white christmas” became promply Anti-Ice. I however, was in my element! I would genuinely be content living in a small log cabin in a tundra for the rest of my life! unfortunately there would have to be a Starbucks and an Aunt Annies in said tundra so until then i’ll just endure the rain and stick-less sleet. C’est la vie.


Well today there is four weather warnings threatening snow and I wait patiently by my window waiting for the first flake. I have a sneaking suspicion that i’m about to be sorely disappointed. But never mind that, its still a perfect day for getting in a snow mood. Here’s my list for snow days;

1. Spa at home

I’m sure everybody got a bunch of products as Christmas gifts, so now is the perfect time to try them all out! run a bath and light your favorite candles for the perfect ambiance. Use your new scrub (or make your own using sugar and coconut oil) throw on a sheet mask and apply the cucumber slices for some extra skin loving!  Afterwards climb into your coziest pj’s and fluffy socks and enjoy the clean fresh comfort.

2. Hot drink creations

Grab the biggest cup from your cupboard, put a pot of water on boil and start making your hot drink! I have two go-to hot drinks for kicking back, loaded hot chocolate with the works, and spiced mulled wine! lets be honest, who doesn’t love wine. don’t be afraid to throw some extra yummies in to your recipes, write it down somewhere and made it your own tradition!

3. Vibes

spotify is probably the best app for setting the mood, weather it’s a party, a date or just a day alone. If you haven’t downloaded spotify yet, I would highly recommend doing it. I avoided it for years because I didn’t see the hype, but a friend was showing me the basics one night and I fell in love! the first month is free and then its only €9.99 a month after, and its so worth it! they have a moods section in the browse tab and the collections they have there are enthralling. my favourites are;

  • Relax & Unwind
  • Alone Again
  • Piano in the background
  • Melancholia
  • Hauntings

You can also make your own playlist with your favorite tunes, but I like discovering new artists by just letting the playlist run!

4. Get Lost

Books are a staple in my chill routine. ok fair enough, my library consists mainly of Caitlyn Doughty and Paul Koudinaris books on death culture and ghost stories but it works for me! something about books just triggers a response in me that blocks out all the stress and sends me to my happy place. books are crucial!

5. Fireside treats

Get a fire started! nothing is better on a cold day than a roaring fire! this will tie your snow day together. The crackling sounds just fill me with so much serenity. If you don’t have a fireplace then here’s a little tip…Woodwick candles are like a mini fire in a glass, they sound just like the real thing! also netflix have roaring fire video’s that give the same effect, time-saver AND less mess!

6. Crafting 

When you have finished reading or just aren’t in the mood, time to break out the wool! knitting or crochet is super fun to do in your spare time and highly therapeutic! If you’ve never knitted before don’t worry, it’s so easy! after a while of practicing you will be making scarfs without even needing to look! your creations will make great gifts and maybe even could create a little bit of money on the side once you get good!


As many fun idea’s as I have for creating the perfect day for you to relax and unwind, the first snowflakes have just began drifting past my window so I have to go and release my inner polar bear.


Jewels x Photo 16-01-2018, 13 22 53.png



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