How to fix your sleep schedule

This generation has such a delusional fixation on bed. “I am happiest in my bed” or “I could sleep forever” or my personal favorite “I am never leaving my bed” but then contradict themselves by romanticizing their self diagnosed Insomnia. But the reality is that we are sleeping less and less. Even I can admit going to work on 3 or 4 hours sleep, normalizing it and making it alright, “fixing” the probelm with an energy drink AND a large coffee (not to mention the power naps while nobody was looking, oops) but it has taken me this long to acknowledge the real problem.

Is it not strange to you that Netflix has an automatic setting that checks in on its users with “are you still watching?” we are addicted to our devices! I have one really annoying habit that my partner absolutely hates, and that is that I can’t fall asleep without background noise and forcing him to wait for me to drift off so he can switch it off so he can get his own rest. My vice is TV.. but it cant just be any show or movie, I have to have watched it before to “not get interested, just to focus on something enough to make me tired” but I am clearly delusional.

eventually my self inflicted sleep problems had gone too far and I realized it was time to wake up (in a sense) so here is how I fixed my sleeping pattern, or lack thereof.

   1. Pick a time

Choose a time of the evening that you dedicate to winding down. give yourself at least a half an hour to wrap up anything that you have going on at home. tell your friends that you are talking with on social media that you are heading to bed and you will talk to them the next day. Brush your teeth, wash your face and get into your pj’s!

2. Switch off

I can’t stress this enough.. turn your phone off! It’s time to invest in an alarm clock. Even if you turn on “do not disturb” the temptation is there. There is nothing on facebook or snapchat that can’t wait till morning. I also don’t encourage using your phone first thing in the morning but that’s another post for another time.

3. Night cap!

I need a little help drifting off so having some liquid intervention is more than helpful. My mood changes all the time so one night its a hot chocolate, the next its herbal remedy, more often than not it’s a glass of wine! (sometimes more than just one but who’s counting?)

4. Lights

I have a set of fairy lights wrapped around the bars of the head of my bed. They have a timer and turn off automatically after an hour or two and they are just dim enough to allow reading but not bright enough to wake me up completely. Also they are really nice to have on instead of a lamp because they aren’t such an intense light source.

5. A good book

I’ll probably force reading on you multiple times on my blog but with good reason. Books are an escape, a distraction from everything that’s going on that may keep you up at night. I fully believe that reading saved me from my 5am bed time’s. I remember reading somewhere “Reading book’s is basically looking at random letters printed on the processed corpses of tree’s and hallucinating” which is technically true and probably the most metal thing I ever heard, so there’s that. Have I convinced you yet?

All these things combined are my key to having a great nights sleep. It’s so basic and was the norm before our lives were overrun with technology. Getting back to basics is sometimes the most obvious yet overlooked option. sleep is so important for the day you have ahead, so why neglect it?

Sleep tight

Jewels x


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