Hashtagging for engagement

Hi guys! Its a gloomy overcast cloudy day here and that has me in great spirits! the sun makes me tired and lazy so no better day to do a post! Lets talk Instagram engagement.


The algorithm has so many people scratching their heads and trying desperately increase their following and likes. I have a few tips and trick’s to share with you! the main tip that I have for you is to utilize your tags and avoid banned tag’s that will get you slapped with a shadowban, and we all know how difficult it is to remove a shadowban. But what is a shadowban? for those of you that don’t know or don’t fully understand, a shadowban is an un-notified block on your account that is the result of using banned #hashtags. Normally if your account is being suspended you will recieve a notification and/or e-mail alerting you to the ban. however, shadowbans happen automatically and the only way of noticing is by watching your engagement continue to plummet or by your #hashtags not working anymore. Below is a list of banned tag’s I have made to avoid when posting;

Photo 01-05-2018, 17 31 29

There is more to this list, mostly words of an explicit nature so best just avoid them altogether or face being completely banned! It’s not difficult, just don’t be gross!

Another way to avoid the dreaded shadowban is to avoid automating your instagram and using third party app’s. Instagram has a way of finding out and will slap you with a ban! currently no third party app’s are working with instagram due to the “facebook thing” that we wont talk about, but when they start up again just be sure to do your  research before allowing access to your account. anyway, back to hashtags!


Sometimes Instagram can ban very innocent #hashtags such as #beautyblogger, #date or even #easter. the reason for this is sometimes people use them to mass post explicit images and completely abuse the tag. thats why it doesn’t hurt  to research the tags before putting them on your image, ultimately ruining the whole post and sometimes even your entire page. another thing is to switch up the tags you use as using them repeadedly can be picked up as spam! also avoid high density #hashtags because, well, same issue!

so here’s a copy paste list of some popular #hashtags to boost engagement!


  • #beautyjunkie
  • #beautygram
  • #makeupislife
  • #MOTD
  • #beautyroutine
  • #freshbeauty
  • #makeupjunkie
  • #howyouglow
  • #makeup
  • #beautypicks
  • #makeupcollection
  • #beautysecret
  • #persuepretty
  • #minimal
  • #thisisglamorous
  • #calledtobecreative
  • #girlboss
  • #borntobecreative
  • #inspiremyistagram
  • #flatlaytoday
  • #bloggervibes
  • #instalike
  • #instagood

BEWARE! tags can be put on the banned list with no warning, keep checking your frequently used tags to avoid unnecessary problems with your account!

So let me know how you get on with using this information! is there anything you don’t quite understand? or maybe you want to see other posts like this, let me know in the comments!


Happy gramming!


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