About Me

I am an Irish blogger obsessed with the macabre and the Danish ritual of comfort and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of  25 very suddenly and have been battling with the disease for two and a half years. After a relapse I had in winter ’17, I was left with permanent brain damage that left me without the use of my right hand and leg and have been housebound 95% of the year. subsequently I have been trying to live my life hygge as a coping mechanism for having my entire life change in a sudden, drastic way! I have also been training myself to use my left hand for everyday tasks and am training from home to become a makeup artist. I’ll be getting my degree in may of this year all going well!

My goal in blogging is to bring a larger awareness to Multiple Sclerosis and  help others find their happiness in the simple things in life. I took so many things for granted in my life and hopefully sharing my story will inspire others and be entertaining to other ms warriors!